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1720 Harrison Street, Suite 1805
Hollywood, FL 33020
954 305 6595
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East on Hollywood Blvd. On the Young Circle area.
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about us

LOGOSOPHICAL FOUNDATION INC is formed for the purpose of carrying out educational and cultural activities based on the science LOGOSOPHY.

It brings a new venue of science research and exploration inspired by the deepest knowledge about man, universe and its laws. It is characterized as an intellectual discipline that aims at elucidating human problems by the discovery of man's superior prerogatives. With the use of its original scientific method students are engaged in a process of conscious evolution in its psychological, moral and spiritual aspects.
One of the outstanding revelations of Logosophy is that the human thought is a psychological entity, which has a life of its own, and can act dependently or independently of man’s will. It is autonomous.
Superior knowledge expands life. It allows man to live a reality that ignorance prevents him from enjoying. Affection, respect, understanding and freedom of expression are some of its multiple traits of excellence, which foster the general effort toward evolution.
It is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-religious and non- political institution.
Logosophy is expanding in several parts of the world, having cultural centers on all continents with thousands of students and investigators.