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Emerald Hills Pharmacy Pharmacies

3000 Stirling Road
Hollywood, FL 33021
(954) 983-3336
Fax: (954) 985-0114
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about us

What is Emerald Hills Pharmacy?

Emerald Hills Pharmacy serves South Florida and is a throwback to a old-fashioned pharmacy that knows your name, provides friendly service, and individual health counseling, and deliveries. Emerald Hills Pharmacy specializes in quick and easy filling of prescriptions. This pharmacy truly goes the extra mile to make sure every prescription is filled as quickly as possible.

The pharmacy?s primary focus is providing prescriptions, customized medication, medication information, natural and organic body care products, vitamin and herb supplements, and above all personalized customer service.

Why Compound?
Compounded medications are formulated with the patient's needs in mind, not mass produced. This allows increased dosage strength flexibility and administering options. Flavoring can be added to make a medication more palatable and for patients with gastrointestinal issues, the route of administration can be changed. Compound pharmacists can also create transdermal creams and ointments that allow medication to be absorbed through the skin.

In addition to prescription medications, pharmacists can also recommend vitamins and other nutritional supplements to support a healthy lifestyle. Their large selection of dietary supplements are wholesome and always made from the highest quality natural sources the earth has to offer.

Emerald Hills Pharmacy promotes health and wellness inside and out. In addition to prescription and compounded medications, Emerald Hills offers the finest natural an