Community Protection Services by LAN Infotech

Offer Valid: 01/01/2024 - 06/30/2024
Hollywood Chamber New Member Cybersecurity Community Protection Services
What is LAN Infotech doing to help protect our community?

With our breadth of experience in dealing with Cyber Criminals, LAN Infotech has partnered with the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to protect our local businesses and organizations from malicious cyber threats. As a new member, you will receive an initial external security check, employee awareness training, and the ability to provide Microsoft Office training to your employees.

The FBI has stated that “it’s not if your organization will be hacked, but when it will be hacked.” Unfortunately, most organizations have exceptional technology systems, but the staff unknowingly allows threats in...

What is included in this offer?

  • Company Dark Web Search May be able to see your organizational data for sale

  • Employee Cyber Awareness Online Training Will provide up to 20 Online Course Licenses Executives can review results of course

  • Microsoft 365 Learning Management System Provide up to 10 Online courses license Executives can assign courses and track results

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