Direct Primary Care Exclusive Chamber Member Discount

Offer Valid: 11/01/2023 - 12/31/2025
Good Health is the #1 Asset of Every Business and Our #1 Priority
The WEALTH of your business ultimately thrives or fails directly with the HEALTH of your workforce!

Dr. Gerard Acloque is a Hollywood Chamber member and owner Florida Concierge Medicine & Wellness (FCMW). FCMW is your TOP RATED Direct Primary Care office in the Hollywood, Fl. We pride ourselves on offering all the amazing benefits of Direct Primary Care (DPC) and MORE!!!

As a small business owner who either is facing tough financial decisions in order to subsidize comprehensive Health Insurance to your employees or unable to provide any coverage at all, DPC may be a literal life saver for you and your business!

The traditional way of accessing your primary care physician through insurance payers for preventative care, controlling chronic conditions and addressing common acute illnesses is fast becoming a thing of the past! DPC is a widely recognized alternative to the traditional model where patients can deal directly with their preferred physician for a low monthly fee in exchange for much improved experiences with  your doctors office and ultimately better care! DPC features on-time appointments with extended face-to-face time with the doctor, appointments within 72 hours of the requested time, low cost in-house labs, never a co-pay, tele-visits included at no additional cost, exclusive access to the doctor over secure HIPAA-compliant app for real time text/video!

CALL FCMW TODAY to get more information about our SPECIAL OFFER for Hollywood Chamber's Businesses and how FCMW can be the cost saving do-everything Primary Care doctor's office for your business!!

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