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20% off Mold/Air Quality Inspection - Good through Oct 31, 2018
Everyone (rightfully) fears 'black mold' (aka Stachybotrys), but there are many other types of airborne mold that can affect us. If you have respiratory problems, sinus irritation, asthma, etc. and you think it could be from your home or boat-cabin, call HERO for air quality testing. You don't have to see mold to have mold.

The sampling takes less than an 45 mins and you'll have the results back from the lab within 24 hours. We will help you understand what they mean, and if necessary, what you can do to remediate any problems. We are an independent environmental testing company and NOT in the remediation business. 

P.S., I had lots of mold in my home after Irma. Much of it looked like 'black mold' but none of it was. Regardless, with 2 asthmatic girls in the house it had to be dealt with. 

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phone:  (954) 393-0995

Valid: September 21, 2018 – October 31, 2018

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